HIVE Receives $25,000 Planning Grant

January 10, 2021

Yesterday, MassDevelopment announced $1.9 million in grants through its Collaborative Workspaces Program and through its fiscal partner, Progress Partnership Inc, The Hive was able to secure a $25,000 planning grant for The Hive! This money will fund pre-development work including site planning, a facilities assessment, organizational development, marketing, and fundraising activities.

The Hive will be a key component of the growing innovation ecosystem in Greenfield, and a critical asset for the local creative economy. We are thrilled to have the support of our municipal and state representatives as we work to build a space that will democratize access to the means of production, facilitate micro-enterprise, incubate arts-related businesses and creative ventures, forge connections between the arts and industrial sectors, support the incredible local community of professional artists and makers, and engage the public in hands-on creative work and artistic expression.

Read the grant announcement on the MassDevelopment website.

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